Current opportunities

The company in Istanbul Turkey has the following opportunities:

Manage shipping operations

Who have experience in logistics and shipping work in Istanbul for at least two years, in addition to the ability to deal with international shipping and aviation companies. He is fluent in the Office programs, fluent in Turkish and holds the Turkish driving certificate. Please send CV to career@alfareslojistik.com

Sales executive

Who has experience in sales in well known shipping companies and has good knowledge in the Turkish market for a minimum of 3 years. He holds managerial and marketing skills as well as public relations skills, fluent in OVIS programs, fluent in Turkish, Turkish Leadership Please send CV to career@alfareslojistik.com


Who have experience in most parts of Istanbul for at least 3 years and have the ability to withstand work pressure and the ability to speak Turkish in an acceptable manner. Please send CV to career@alfareslojistik.com

** These opportunities are available for specific time periods unrelated to the survival of the advertising on the site.

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