- The documents required to ship commercial goods from Turkey to most countries in the world are as follows:

• Commercial invoice
• Packing list
• Certificate of Origin
Health certificates (for foodstuffs with the approval of the municipality department of some importing countries prepared)
• Bill of landing or airway bill.
• Authorization to the customs broker in Turkey by the exporter
• Information of the customs broker in the country of import
As for commercial shipments, the importing company must have an import code and registered with the tax department and also with the customs department in the country of import.

- Documents required for shipping from Turkey for personal shipments:

1- A copy of the passport or ID of the sender
2- A copy of the recipient's passport or ID.
3- Purchase invoice and packing list.
4- The full address of the sender and recipient and contact numbers.
It is a document proving the shipping of shipments at a specific time and place and in which all the details of the shipment are mentioned, such as the type of the carrier, the type of shipment, the sender, and the destination to which it is sent. The bill of lading is issued by the shipping company or the airline in the case of air freight, as well as from the shipping line in the case of sea freight.
And that is after the seller, the buyer, and the shipping company in Turkey agreed on the appropriate shipping method for the shipment, and the importance of the bill of lading is that it is considered as a contract that organizes and clarifies the relationship between the three parties, namely the shipping line, the airline, the shipping agent, the seller and the buyer, which guarantees the rights of the buyer or the entity Consignee.
Often the policy states all the details about the sender and the recipient, the place and date of shipment, the place of discharge, and the flight number, in addition to a comprehensive description of the shipment, the weight, the number of parcels, is the freight or handling paid in advance or not, and determines the period allowed for the container to remain in the port without additional delay charges, and it also contains a number The container and the shipping line flow and its number is mentioned at the top of the bill of lading through which the shipments of customers are tracked online with ease.
Which gives and confirms credibility in the shipping and delivery process at the specified time, and the original policies in the case of sea freight are very important for all parties, as the shipping line cannot give the delivery permission to the customer without presenting the original policies of the shipment, so you must hand over the original bill of the shipping line to clear the shipment and give the customs clearance permission Delivery.
It is the system currently used in compiling and publishing foreign trade statistics in the countries of the world and in general it is called the unified system, meaning it is a multi-purpose international method for naming goods and it is developed by the World Customs Organization and if we want to expand the definition of this system, it is the language of the economy and internationally legible coding of goods and a means not It is indispensable for international trade exchange.
It is used to find out the percentage of customs duty applied to any commodity by referring to the special index, and it is the only way to determine the chapter, the clause, and the percentage of the customs duty for a specific commodity and it consists of a table containing the items and sub-clauses and their numerical codes, the notes of the sections, the chapters and the general rules. About 176 countries or customs union for goods.
Advantages of HS CODE availability:
Help governments put in place an accurate mechanism for setting duties and taxes on goods.
• The system contributed directly to the conclusion of treaties and contracts between countries.
• The system facilitated the process of providing and processing accurate information for investors, researchers, and decision-makers.
• It helps to solve the disputes that arise between the customs authorities and other parties, thus facilitating international trade exchange.
• All commodities in the Harmonized System fall under clear classifications, which facilitates the import and export process.
The volumetric weight depends on the area that the shipment will occupy in relation to its actual weight. where the cost of transporting a shipment may be affected by the amount of space and volume it occupies on board the plane, so if the shipment will occupy a larger area in the plane, a greater value will be paid for that area, regardless of its weight. The freight value is usually calculated according to the actual weight and also according to the volumetric weight based on the largest value between them.
To calculate the volumetric weight of the shipment, we measure (Length X Width X Height) / division factor 6000, 5000, or 4000 depending on the method of shipment.
The process of collecting shipments is one of the important and required matters recently, especially with the flourishing of e-commerce between countries, which must be studied well, and a good choice must be made for the company that will collect, stores, and merge shipments in order to ensure the preservation of the goods from any damage that may occur due to lack of packaging Good pre-assembly and storage and get lower shipping cost.
Alfares Lojistik provides professional services in receiving and collecting commercial and personal shipments through our representatives wherever they are in Istanbul and Turkey, by trucks designated for transportation to warehouse locations equipped with the highest level of safety and protection, to be then stored, sorted, merged, photographed and then shipped to the customer at the desired destination.
Our goods collection warehouses at Al Fares Lojistik are the best option for you, as these warehouses have been organized in an organized manner that maintains different types of goods, whether large parcels, bags, or small shipments, and all shipments are numbered with the code assigned to the customer.
If the customer's desire revolves around the possibility of fast shipping from door to door and arrival in the shortest possible time, then your best choice will be air freight, as daily and regular flights are available from Istanbul to all airports and cities in the world in a manner that suits your desires, by following the best international standards for fast air freight and efficient preparation For documents and a comprehensive arrangement for insurance of goods and shipments with access to detailed information about the transfer of shipments from Turkey by air freight quickly.
This method is considered one of the most effective shipping methods for weights ranging from 10 to 300 kg, whether commercial or personal.
But if the shipments are large and have enough time to reach the destination, then maritime shipping depends on ships to transport goods and which is characterized by its ability to accommodate goods and heavy equipment of large sizes, whether full cargo FCL or split LCL is the best option.
Where we provide containers of different sizes and types that suit the size, type, and nature of goods to all cities and ports of the world, in addition to our distinguished services for car shipping from Turkey.
But if the shipping takes place between neighboring countries with Turkey, such as the countries of the European continent, the European Union, some Arab countries, and the countries of Asia, for example, then land freight may be suitable for you.
AlFares lojistik has the strength to develop competitive freight solutions and provide satisfactory services to customers, as we provide a wide range of logistics services in air, sea, and land freight from Turkey.
We have recently expanded the circle of our integrative activities to cover total and partial commercial and personal freight services, car shipping services, and all kinds of goods from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, and Kurdistan, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, most of the European continent and the European Union, in addition to Canada, the United States of America, Australia and many countries in Africa.
We have at AlFares Lojistik a specialized team that is fully aware of all customs clearance procedures in Turkey for imports of all kinds, whether through the airport or through the port. Through our extensive experience, we guarantee you to carry out the customs clearance process in Turkey in the most efficient and effective manner.
We have the necessary expertise to deal with all types of shipments, whether general goods, foodstuffs, or electronics, in addition to customs clearance services for cars.
Al Fares Lojistik provides many of the most distinguished and experienced services in shipping furniture from Turkey, starting from providing the necessary advice before purchasing and shipping, until receiving the furniture, furnishings, shipping, and delivery to your destination wherever it is in all parts of the world.
With a team possessing the skill in completing all the procedures of packaging, packing, arranging, transporting, and shipping furniture of any kind while providing a diverse fleet of trucks of different sizes for a receipt inside Turkey and providing insurance services on shipments with the ability to prepare the necessary papers to start the shipping process and customs clearance wherever they are in the world.
Yes, AlFares Lojistik provides import and shipping service from many countries of Asia, Europe, and Arab countries to Turkey, and it is possible to send shipment details through our website or via customer service to obtain the cost and the required information about this service.With a team possessing the skill in completing all the procedures of packaging, packing, arranging, transporting, and shipping furniture of any kind while providing a diverse fleet of trucks of different sizes for a receipt inside Turkey and providing insurance services on shipments with the ability to prepare the necessary papers to start the shipping process and customs clearance wherever they are in the world.
- A tourist certificate from the Traffic Department
- Trip Ticket from the Cars Club
- Original property
- Copy of the driving license
- Copy of the sender's passport
- Copy of the car owner's passport.
- Copy of the Turkish residency if the car owner is residing in Turkey
- Details of the customs broker at the port of arrival in Turkey (name, address, and contact numbers).
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