Shipping of personal parcels from Turkey
It’s a special service that Alfares Lojistik offers as one of the shipping companies in Turkey for commercial and personal urgent shipments via express air freight to Arabian gulf countries, Arab countries and the countries of Europe and America.
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Shipping spare parts from Turkey
Alfares Lojistik provides the service of shipping cars and trucks spare parts and other industrial machines within a special service which consider accuracy in the way of shipping and packaging and the required time to deliver it to the wanted destination.
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Shipping production lines from Turkey
Whether the ordered production lines and machines were big or small size and of all kinds, Alfares Lojistik provides packaging and shipping services via sea freight or air freight taking into account the proper shipping and loading ways.
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Shipping of building materials from Turkey
Factories and companies in Turkey provide plenty of building and internal, external cladding materials with high quality and competitive prices. Alfares Lojistik offers you the service of receiving and tracking your orders and shipments until delivered to you.
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Shipping food from Turkey
Turkish food products were able to compete because of their quality and diversity. Therefore, the existence of a logistical support was a must to help with this industry and provide it freshly at the markets of Arab countries and the world.
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Carpet shipping from Turkey
The carpets in Turkey are characterized by their high quality and unique designs which mixed between the East and the West. Alfares will be your logistic support in Turkey to provide you with the Turkish carpets in the shortest time and lowest cost.
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Shipping furniture from Turkey
Alfares Lojistik has succeeded to earn the satisfaction of individual customers and the specialists in furniture and decoration in Arabian gulf countries, Arab countries and the world, via its outstanding services in shipping furniture from door to door.
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Shipping clothes from turkey
Alfares Lojistik is specialized in shipping clothes of all kinds to most countries of the world. And its knowledge of Turkish factories and markets which specialized in clothing sector in addition to accessories and shoes.
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Commercial services
The several options of Turkish products and its high quality, had made it the focus of attention of the investors in the world
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