Air freight

Air freight

Air freight system in turkey is considered to be one of the most advanced and important air freight systems which provide the customer with effective options for importing from turkey.

the importance of air freight in turkey is not only highlighted through shortening the delivery time but also through the fact that the service is effective for different quantities and sizes with a competitive reasonable cost comparing to other countries in the world.

Turkey’s airports have been provided with modern freight systems and advanced techniques which helped this sector to thrive in the recent years.

Alfares Lojistik as one of the freight companies in Istanbul has specialized in air freight operations and through its experience it was assistant for its customers that help to facilitate the transport of goods and shipments between turkey and their countries.

Alfares Lojistik has provided air freight solutions in Istanbul and turkey that meet business requirements and needs with its different kinds and shipments through several international airlines and that’s starting from receiving the shipment from the shipper to the delivery at the airport of the country of destination or at the client premises.

Also Alfares Lojistik in Turkey provides careful preparation of freight and custom clearance document and a comprehensive arrangement of goods and shipments insurance.

Why Alfares Lojistik in air freight:

At Alfares Lojistik our services cover all main international airports around the world and we’re counting on that to choose the airlines companies that can transport goods in record time wherever your destination is and with our services special offers we provide easy services in completing the necessary procedures for shipping, comprehensive cargo insurance, custom clearance and the safe delivery of it, through air freight where the super speed comparing to other freight methods we offer you with express freight services and also perishable goods, medical supplies and refrigerated goods freight and the transfer is carried out directly to the recipient end, and usually the air carrier is the airlines that assigned a specified department for air freight and the shipping may be carried out at the passengers airplanes at the designated sector for passenger’s luggage in the plane or at goods transfer designated airplanes.

at Alfares Lojistik we are aware of the importance of accessing efficient logistics services in air freight which reflect in the development and growth of companies and projects in the face of market challenges and the existing competition.

What distinguish Alfares Lojistik in air freight from Turkey:

  • Alfares Lojistik in Istanbul provides door to door shipments solutions or shipping from door to airport service.
  • Daily flights from most Turkish airports to the airports and cities of the world as you desire.
  • At Alfares Lojistik we have a considerable experience in refrigerated air freight operations and air transit operations in turkey.
  • We finish most of the required documents from customs and the exporting and importing permits in Istanbul.
  • Alfares Lojistik provides packaging services for different kinds of shipments.
  • Alfares Lojistik choose the proper airline to transfer private goods and shipments at the earliest possible time.
  • Providing air cargo insurance service for the shipments exported from Turkey according to the client’s request.
  • We are always seeking to meet your requirements in shipping from Istanbul by reducing time and cost.
  • Alfares facilitates air freight from Istanbul to meet client requirements.
  • Alfares Lojistik provides customers with the possibility of shopping from Istanbul and turkey with no worries about excess baggage when traveling because we can pick up your shipments from any place at Istanbul and deliver it to the wanted location.
  • We have at Alfares a team specialized in freight operations to provide services round-the-clock in Istanbul.
  • Alfares provides distinct air freight solutions from Istanbul and Turkey to most of Saudi Arabia cities, Qatar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman as well as cities and capitals of the Middle East, Europe and the world countries.
  • Providing best logistics services from the Arab countries and the countries of Arabic gulf to Istanbul and Turkey with quality, speed and cost effectiveness.
  • Providing the best storing services and assembling you purchase at our warehouses with the possibility of preparing the needed documents to initiate shipping operation to your destination to different countries of the world.
  • Alfares provides distinct air freight services from Istanbul to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Austria and most European countries and vice versa when shipping to Istanbul.
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