Commercial services

Commercial services
Commercial services

Commercial services

Turkey is one of the world’s biggest industrialized countries which spearheaded the lists of the world’s economic growth recently and now it’s the destination of the companies and importers from most parts of the world.

Turkey’s exports had reached record high levels in recent years and it’s still evolving and growing.

Alfares lojistik is working with you to become the bridge of supplying Turkish products and imports to the Arab world and Europe through its knowledge of Turkish companies and factories and providing shipping services for these products.

One of our tasks is providing commercial mediation service:

  • Providing price offers for the different Turkish products and industries with sufficient information about each product.
  • Escorting the client and translate to him from Turkish to Arabic while the trade rounds to companies and factories.
  • Providing transportations while trade rounds to the companies and factories in Turkey.
  • Tracking purchase and orders from the supplier or the manufacturer.
  • Inspect and receive the orders from the supplying or manufacturing company in Turkey and check the adequacy of packaging.
  • Prepare the required documents to export from turkey and send it to the importer.
  • Provide the appropriate shipping service options in price and time through our company Alfares Lojistik.

Providing commercial mediation service stages:

The contract between the importer and the company is being held in Istanbul, clarifying the tasks of Alfares Lojistik company as a commercial broker in turkey that provides all of the services mentioned earlier. The amount of charge that Alfares lojistik will get corresponding to its commercial services is determined as a percentage of the total value of purchases.


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