Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight
Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is considered to be one of the important commercial freight transport given the possibility of transporting cargoes of different sizes and weights with appropriate cost.

And it’s a key pillar in freight and logistics services which developed over time, and the mechanism of importing and exporting through it has become practical and suitable for different cargoes, companies and professions in most of the countries and ports all around the world.

International shipping lines are competing among themselves to provide stations and destinations with cost also.

And here the role of shipping company is highlighted to be the main organizer and tracker of the shipping process from the begging of making the procurement decision to the delivery at a warehouse or at the client premises.

In this regard, Turkey is one of the sophisticated and logistically well-prepared countries with several ports and container terminals that connect between east and west.

The significant industrial revival and the rising economic growth have contributed in providing an integrated, advanced infrastructure for shipping in Turkey.

Alfares Lojistik has provided the shipping services among a chain of services that provide customers with the ease of transporting their Shipments from Istanbul and turkey to most of the world.

Shipping systems at Alfares Lojistik

Full shipping (full container load)

And it’s one of the common, profitable and cost-competitive shipping systems specially when shipping large quantities of oversize or overweight shipments, in addition to the possibility of loading from the warehouse of the shipper or the supplier and unloading at the receiver warehouse in the country of destination.

Partial shipping (combining small loads)

It’s a system which depending on combining customers’ commodities and shipments at our warehouse and then send them combined in one common container. This method is suitable for small, medium-size and time-insensitive shipments, as it cost-saving but takes a lot of time to deliver and receive.

Sometimes the fees of this shipping system are high at the country of destination.

So it’s advisable to check destination Port Charges and fees before shipping.

What distinguish Alfares at shipping from Turkey

  • Alfares lojistik provide containers of different size and type which are suitable for the size, type and nature of shipments which ensure that shipments will not be damaged during shipping, and it’s arranged in an orderly fashion.
  • The customers can use the company warehouses in Istanbul to facilitate the process of combining shipments.
  • Long-standing experience in managing shipping processes in turkey for the shipments coming from the Arab countries and Europe.
  • Alfares lojistik has an international network of shipping agents at most of the Arab countries ports. African countries and the European Union Countries.
  • Alfares lojistik seeks to facilitate the process of trading and shipping between turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, emirates, Arabic Gulf countries and most of the world countries.
  • Alfares lojistik provides the cars shipping service from Istanbul and Turkey to Arab countries and vice versa in case of shipping from Turkey to most of the world ports and countries.
  • Alfares lojistk completes the required procedures and permits for shipping and exporting goods, projects, furniture and food.
  • Alfares lojistik provides a very professional packing service with the usage of a high quality packing materials to guarantee the safety of your received shipments.
  • Alfares lojistik deals with most of the navigation lines in the world which make the competition in this field based on the quality of the service and minimizing the cost.
  • Alfares lojistik provides custom clearance services to all type of goods, cars and shipments that coming from abroad to Istanbul.

Alfares lojistik services in shipping from Istanbul and Turkey covers most of cities and ports in Saudi Arabia, Arabic gulf, Qatar, Dubai, Iraq, Middle East countries, European Union Countries, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Central Asian countries, USA, South America, Canada and Australia.

Sizes and dimensions of the available shipping containers:

20 ft. containers

The maximum load is approximately 30 cubic meters.
Dimensions: 6 meters long x 2.25 meters wide x 2.25 meters high.
The maximum used length is 5.80 meters.
The maximum load weight in this container is 18 tons

40 ft. containers

The maximum load is approximately 60 cubic meters.
Dimensions: 12 meters long x 2.25 meters wide x 2.25 meters high.
The maximum used length is 11.80 meters as 20 cm are left to open and close the door.
The maximum load weight in this container is 22 tons

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