Shipping food from Turkey

Shipping food from Turkey
Shipping food from Turkey

Shipping food from Turkey

In a short amount of time Turkey has succeeded to occupy the world’s top ranks in the quality of the food it produces, and it provided a selection of food with the best ingredients and best prices whether it’s for sale in turkey or destined for export, and those foodstuffs and products have ranged from canned to raw materials, as Turkey has been famous for exporting honey, olive oil, spices, coffee, dried fruits, dessert of all kinds and dairy products, and has become a main source for many countries concerning vegetables and fresh fruits.

Food importing from Turkey is considered to be very easy to be done from different ports and cities in Turkey whether through land freight, sea freight or air freight.

The exported Turkish food products have been differed so the existence of specialized shipping companies in turkey that ensure the safe delivery for these products to the country of destination was necessary, and those companies had a vital role in the guidance to the required procedures before purchasing and while shipping and the required documents for custom Clearance.

Alfares Lojistik has succeeded to gain client’s satisfaction through its experience in food shipping from Turkey to the countries of the world, and that’s in accordance with the global standards of shipping foods of all kinds, cooling degree and packaging methods.

Advantages that Alfares Lojistik provide in shipping food from Istanbul

Food shipping from Istanbul to all over the world is a very precise process so Alfares Lojistik is providing this service whether refrigerated-dried-frozen shipping, with a precis sequence of all the stages of transporting and shipping in coordination with the exporter, the factory or the importer, with providing refrigerated trucks to maintain the safety of the products while transporting it to the airport.

What Alfares Lojistik provide in shipping food from Istanbul:

  • Various shipping options to shorten the delivery time and reduce the cost.
  • Hazard insurance for shipment if wanted.
  • Providing hazard insurance for shipment upon the client request.
  • custom clearance services for exporting.
  • Speeding up the pace of receiving and delivering in a precise schedule.
  • providing refrigerated trucks which ensure the safe delivery of the products without any hazards or harms.
  • Providing packaging service for different kinds of foods to guarantee safe delivery to the importing country.
  • The experienced team at Alfares Lojistik which receive the shipments in a professional manner and then follow up with the client until the delivery of the shipment to its destination.


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