Shipping of building materials from Turkey

Shipping of building materials from Turkey
Shipping of building materials from Turkey

Shipping of building materials from Turkey

Building materials of all kinds in turkey is one of the important materials that being exported to Arab countries, African countries and many countries of the world, Turkey is famous for, as an example:

  • Marble and natural stones
  • Buildings and ceramics granite
  • Wood flooring
  • Medical supplies and heating products
  • Bathroom sets
  • Valves and mixers
  • Materials and tools for interior and exterior cladding of buildings
  • Reinforcement steel
  • Coating products
  • Fire-fighting equipment products
  • Doors and windows accessories
  • Insulating materials
  • Gypsum boards
  • Gardens and swimming pools materials and equipment

With high quality and competitive prices comparing to other products.

Out of the experience that Alfares Lojistik has in shipping from Turkey, it has worked to provide sea, air and land freight service for importers in proportion to the size of their work whatever it is and their expectations of cost and delivery time and had sought to facilitate the supply chain at all of its stages starting from the factory and to the importer’s warehouse.

The advantages of shipping building materials from turkey via Alfares Lojistik

Choosing Alfares Lojistik company for building materials shipping from Istanbul and turkey to the world, provide you with many professional advantages in shipping service and providing a continuing chain between the factory and the importer without the trouble of following up and the worrying about the delivery time, and Alfares Lojistik has provide these advantages to facilitate your businesses in importing and exporting from Turkey:

  • Tracking the shipments until the arrival at the country of destination
  • custom clearance services for importing and exporting.
  • Door to door shipping service.
  • Speeding up the pace of receiving and delivering shipments in a special schedule without delay.
  • Trailing the delivery of orders from factories and companies and providing the client with sufficient information and a complete picture for the order.
  • Hazard insurance for shipment if wanted.
  • The service of providing the required documents needed for shipping furniture from Turkey and for custom clearance at the country of destination.
  • professional team has the experience of dealing with different kind of shipments and executing the proper packaging processes.


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