Shipping spare parts from Turkey

Shipping spare parts from Turkey
Shipping spare parts from Turkey

Shipping spare parts from Turkey

Recently Turkey has shown a significant evolution in metallurgical industry, Turkey has ranked 8th in the world in the metallurgical industry, Turkey has become one of the most export centers after showing its strength in industrial field and providing massive facilitations with regard to exporting Turkish industries and the extensive logistical structure of shipping operations in terms of cost and transporting.

Car spare parts sector had occupied an important place in the Turkish exporting market, as the market offers high quality spare parts and with a reasonable price that matches with the requirements of the market in the middle east in particular.

The most important cars and trucks spare parts which being exported from Turkey:

  • Engines of all kinds.
  • Cars and trucks tires of all sizes and types.
  • Car electric spare parts such as headlights, tail lights and cars electric wiring.
  • Manufacturing of front, back and side metal parts for different types of cars and trucks of all sizes and types.
  • Brake systems and brake pads for large vehicles.
  • Sensors and car radiators.

Turkish factories and labs are working to provide high quality services for different kind of cars and trucks, and also have offered facilitations in exporting operations and connecting with the customers and the shipping companies.

And out of Alfares Lojistik experience in global shipping for cars spare parts shipping to Arab countries, Africa and the world, and had made good connections with factories and companies that producing car spare parts.

Advantages of cars and trucks spare parts shipping service from turkey at Alfares Lojistik:

Alfares Lojistik depends on number of bases to ensure the delivery of shipments from Istanbul and Turkey to the wanted destination in the time and with a competitive cost, and to provide a high level protection for the shipments in terms of packaging and caring.

Most important advantages of shipping spare parts from Istanbul:

  • Speeding up the pace of receiving and delivering shipments in a special schedule without delay
  • Providing custom clearance services at many countries of the world.
  • Providing the required documents for shipping car spare parts from Turkey and for custom clearance at the country of destination.
  • Tracking the shipments until the arrival at the country of destination.
  • Alfares Lojistik provides hazard insurance for shipment upon the client request.
  • Providing door to door spare parts shipping service or from door to port upon the client desire.
  • professional team has the experience of dealing with different kind of shipments and executing the proper packaging processes.


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