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Over the years of working in the logistics services sector in Arab countries and the world, Al Fares lojistik has endeavored to provide air, sea freight services in Turkey and to be the trustworthy logistic support to its customers in turkey.

from Istanbul, Turkey and from the portal that connects between east and west. Alfares has launched its logistics services to the Arab countries and the world out of experience gained from years of working in logistics services sector and sought to be the trustworthy logistic support to its customers and to accurately understand their needs in freight and transportation and to have an extensive knowledge of Arab and international established procedure and laws in order to achieve the desired objective.

Our well trained employees and the extension of our branches across the world are the main source of our customer service, and knowledge, development and the trust that our customers have granted us has made Alfares lojistik a world-class company that race against time to maintain customers trust and meet their needs in global freight.


What distinguish Alfares Lojistiks

An international network of freight agents
Our branches in Europe, Arabian Gulf and Arab countries provide you with integrated services in importing, exporting and customs clearance
Long-standing experience in managing freight operations
Throughout our working years in the logistics and freight sector we’re committed to providing our services professionally and with a quality that will always satisfy customers’ aspirations.
The continuous development of our services
Our ongoing quest for quality of our services and develop it to meet our clients’ aims in freight and trade supply is always our priority.
Understand and realize customers’ needs in freight and supplying
And it’s our most important endeavor to maintain delivering a flexible integrated logistics services that provide our customers with the needed supplies for their work.
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