Carpet Shipping From Turkey

Carpet Shipping From Turkey

Carpet shipping from Turkey

Turkish carpet trade has become one of the most popular commerces in the world, Turkish carpets that made of wool, pure silk or cotton are characterized by high quality and its mixed design between east and west, and it’s one of the most beautiful souvenir you can buy from Istanbul, Turkish carpet has globally ranked second in after Iranian carpet in terms of quality and softness, the production of Turkish carpets has reached 40% of the total carpet production in the world.

Turkish carpet has been famous for its geometric patterns, modern and classic floral decorations, Exporting Turkish carpet wasn’t confined to only Arab countries as European countries have become one of the most important importer of Turkish carpet knowing the importance and the beauty of it.

There are a lot of places and markets that offer Turkish carpet like the grand bazar and other galleries allover Istanbul and Turkey, and you can buy directly from the factory if you want to buy large quantities with the best prices.

When thinking about shipping carpet from Turkey to the world countries, a good shipping company that can carry out the operation of shipment properly and to conduct the proper packaging for carpets must be chosen.

Alfares Lojestik as one of the leading companies in carpet shipping from Turkey has provides this service for its customers through sea, air freight to most of Europe cities, Canada, America and most of Arab countries as fast as possible and with the least cost.

Advantages of shipping carpet from Turkey via Alfares Lojistik:

Choosing Alfares Lojistik company for carpet shipping from Istanbul and turkey to the world provides you with a lot of professional advantages in providing the service and the safe delivery of your shipments.

  • Tracking the shipments until the arrival at the country of destination
  • custom clearance services for importing and exporting.
  • Door to door shipping service.
  • Speeding up the pace of receiving and delivering shipments in a special schedule without delay.
  • Hazard insurance for shipment if wanted.
  • The service of providing the required documents needed for shipping furniture from Turkey and for custom clearance at the country of destination.
  • professional team has the experience of dealing with different kind of shipments and executing the proper packaging processes.