Aramex is one of the world's leading companies in providing logistics, transportation, and freight solutions of all kinds. Aramex was established in 1982 and has rapidly developed to become one of the strongest internationally recognized brands in freight and supply services, offering many specialized services and multiple innovative offers.

Then, Aramex shares were traded on the Sandak Stock Exchange in New York from January 1997 until 2002, when it was the first company established in the Arab world to put its shares on the Sandak Stock Exchange, then after five years of successful trading of its shares on the stock exchange, it returned to private ownership. Today, it has become a public joint stock company in the Dubai Financial Market, employing more than 8,600 people, and has more than 310 locations around the world. It also has a strong network of alliances that provides a strong global presence.

Aramex services in Turkey:

Express transportation services from Aramex:

Aramex offers a wide variety of transportation and expresses shipping services from Turkey, and these services include both export and import as well as local express transportation, and any customer can select the appropriate express transportation option through his communication with the Aramex team

1- Express transportation services

If you want to send your parcel as soon as possible from Turkey, just use Aramex Express Export Services, where urgent parcels and shipments are delivered door to door, and it also allows the customer to export express service to ship packages of all sizes and send them to anywhere The customer wants it, and the customer can track his shipments online, through the Aramex website, and also he can prove delivery of his shipment by receiving delivery notifications via email and SMS.

2- Distinguished express transportation services

In this service, the customer can send his urgent parcels and shipments from Turkey to the place he wants, where the client’s documents or parcels will be sent immediately, and Aramex provides a fast economic transport service for urgent parcels with heavyweight, which allows the client to ship and send special parcels him to wherever he wants.

How to ship parcels and bags from Turkey via Aramex through AlFares Lojistik at a competitive price?

- The customer contacted AlFares lojistik in Turkey:

The customer wishing to ship his bags or parcels communicates with Al Fares in Arabic, Turkish or English, where the company receives these items from the customer’s or company’s door, then prepares, packages, or assembles them by a team of technicians, and then all are sent Parcels and bags to Aramex within a special contract between the two companies.

- Customs clearance and insurance coverage:

After Aramex receives packages or bags, the company performs a fast and efficient customs clearance service. In addition to the standard liability, Aramex offers its customers insurance against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause.

- Aramex shipping the goods:

Where the optimum air freight method is chosen to transport parcels and bags from Istanbul and Turkey in general, which ensures their efficient delivery on time, and due to the presence of a variety of advanced and innovative modern technologies at Aramex, we find that the company can deliver shipments quickly regardless of the size and the number of parcels.