What is partial shipping via sea freight from Turkey?

What is partial shipping via sea freight from Turkey?

The rapid change in the logistics sector in Turkey and the differentiation between the requirements, desires, and expectations of customers has led to the development of many flexible solutions, and partial freight is one of the means of transportation that has been developed to meet the expectations of customers in the most appropriate way, and the word partial literally means the transport of goods by piece, and the concept of freight has become Partial it is frequently used in the logistics industry.

Definition of partial shipping

LCL, in its more general definition, is the name given to the process of moving products or merchandise ordered by one or more buyers from different companies as a single and combined load, shipments are generally delivered by sea, air, land, and rail. In partial freight, goods or products can be transported with different customers in the same transportation vehicle (container, plane, truck, truck, or wagon).

Partial sea freight from Turkey

The prominent emergence of Turkish cities as global commercial and industrial centres in the continents of Asia and Europe has greatly helped in the flourishing of maritime shipping operations of all kinds from Turkey to all over the world, and AlFares Lojistik has contributed to providing one of the important solutions in maritime shipping, which is partial shipping, Which provided great flexibility in shipping a variety of shipments of small and medium sizes, to multiple customers within one container, which helps reduce sea freight costs significantly.

LCL sea freight pricing

Pricing varies according to the wishes and needs of the customer who requests that logistics service, as pricing can be applied according to the location where the product that the customer wants to transport will be delivered, the weight and size of the product, in addition, in partial shipment, the destination distance of the products that the customer wants to send is a point Very important in terms of setting the price, the greater the distance, the higher the cost of partial sea freight.

Reasons for preferring LCL sea freight

Partial shipping is preferred in Turkey for many reasons, but the main reason is the advantage it provides over transportation fees, especially for shipping a small number of goods, as the customer does not need to pay the entire sea freight, as the logistics cost is calculated in direct proportion to the weight or volume Cargo carried, and since the space required to store small quantities of cargo is low, this helps reduce partial ocean freight costs which provide a significant advantage to the customer.

Another reason why customers frequently prefer partial shipping is the convenience it provides to customers, another reason to frequently prefer partial shipping is that it offers reliability. By choosing this service, the logistics customers can make sure that their goods or products are delivered to the pre-determined address in a very safe and sound manner, partial door to door shipping service is also a very convenient solution for people or small businesses who import or export goods or products from abroad Limited number.

The most important countries to which AlFares Lojistik provides partial sea freight service

AlFares Logistik is responsible for delivering customers’ shipments to the destination they specify in any of the following Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan.

And European countries, Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Britain, and Romania.

The advantages offered by AlFares Lojistik via partial shipping:

  • Consolidating and shipping shipments and clearing customs transactions for shipments, starting from receiving the goods in Turkey until their delivery to your desired destination.
  • Implementing the process of receiving shipments and goods, inspecting them, and storing them in our warehouses, and completing the packaging process for them, which meets your logistical desires.
  • The possibility of completing all procedures when exporting, as well as importing materials and goods from and to Turkey
  • Providing all logistical solutions and facilitating the import of goods from Istanbul and Turkey to the Gulf countries, Arab countries, European countries, Canada, and Africa, in a way that ensures fast supply between Turkey and those countries.
  • Providing partial door-to-door shipping service to some destinations via sea freight and air freight.