Important tips for shipping from Turkey at the cheapest prices

Important tips for shipping from Turkey at the cheapest prices

Turkey has developed into one of the largest financial and economic powers in the world because of its exceptional expansion in recent decades. Internationally, Turkish products are in great demand, and many companies are keen to import Turkish products. However, many face the most difficult challenge of successful shipping from Turkey, this can be difficult, especially for searching for the implementation of shipping tasks at the lowest prices, so we will review in the following points a set of tips that facilitate the task of shipping from Turkey at the lowest costs.

1- Get multiple quotes from multiple carriers

It is best to distribute the risks wherever possible. By contacting several carriers, you can also follow this procedure (risk of spreading) in this case, these companies will be responsible for managing your entire shipping process from Turkey to the location of your choice.

Where carriers evaluate your shipment based on the following factors: broker fees, type of packaging, container fees, and terminal management fees, these are just the basic items, which depend on the carrier, there can also be other factors, and these fees will basically help you in Budgeting for the lowest possible cost to ship your shipment.

And because you have a variety of carriers to choose from, if you have large volumes of shipments, it is likely that this will enhance competition among the freight forwarders and make them compete to offer competitive rates for your shipping task.

2- Use the correct packages to pack your goods

The size of the container used to transport the products affects the final cost of shipping, for example, if your shipment is huge and you fill the container, you will pay a lot of money for that volume, but if you compress the volume of the goods, you will save a lot of money.

Also, you should reduce the size of packages of goods because professionally packaged goods take up less space inside the container, which greatly reduces shipping costs. You can learn from the experiences of Al-Fares Lojistik, which will help you with high professionalism and skill, as the company's specialists manufacture packages of goods in the smallest possible size so that they can be placed inside containers with the least amount of space and for you to pay less for shipping.

3- Consider the geographical location of the factory or supplier

Since Turkey is a big country with many cities, no matter that the number of certain goods that are produced in only one city may be few, we find that there are other goods that are produced in many cities, as a result, try to buy as much as possible From cities close to airports and commercial ports because doing so will significantly reduce shipping costs for your goods from Turkey.

4- Choose the right shipping company

You should be careful when choosing a Turkish shipping company or freight forwarder because if you work with one of the active shipping companies, they will deliver your products directly from the supplier to the location of your choice or to their warehouses when the shipments are received.

And compared to Turkish shipping companies, you will find that Alfares Lojistik for shipping services, will ship your shipment directly from the factory or warehouse to the destination at the lowest possible cost.

5- Take advantage of the convenient times for shipping

Shipping rates are directly affected by supply and demand, try not to send your goods during peak shipping times, in times when the shipping demand is low, you can communicate with your shipping company, in order to get advice on choosing the right shipping time to save money, we find that the cost of shipping from Turkey increases before major holidays such as Christmas, as there is a significant increase in the demand for shipping goods with a fixed capacity specified for shipping companies, which causes an increase in prices.

6- Use indirect flights

If you are going to ship your goods from Turkey for a long distance until it reaches their destination, you have two basic items, either you use direct flights, or you use indirect flights, as indirect flights are lower in cost than direct flights.