Privacy Policy

one of Alfares Lojistik objectives is to meet your needs in shipping from Turkey to the world as well as services of importing goods from Turkey and stay hand in hand with you until the arrival of your shipments to its wanted destination proper and sound.

In order to ensure the functioning of your businesses in a way that satisfies you and make you feel safe and out of our concern for the privacy of the customer information that he provided us with from the moment he explores Alfares Lojistik website to the moment of his shipment’s delivery, we are Alfares Lojistik team with you during all of the steps to ensure your safety.

When exploring our website and entering your personal information, given the magnitude of this responsibility we have worked hard and with perseverance to maintain the safety of this data and to ensure that it will never be transferred to another party.

out of our concern for integrity of this information and the security of the data that is being filled in tables to answer your inquiries, we assured you the confidentiality of this information and to never be transferred to a third party.

So Alfares Lojistik team and administration has made sure to provide a full privacy policy for you and for your information which guarantee the integrity of browsing and registration steps at our website.

We are collecting information and data from you to make sure that we are providing you with the very best services and to participate with you in getting the most appropriate service.

The reason of collecting this information:

  • Providing you with the very best services and delivering information to you in no time.
  • Using this data and information to reach you and improve our capabilities and methods to create new ways to communicate with you and to track your shipments.
  • These information of telephone number, e-mail are being used to contact you and interact with you directly and keep you posted with any updates about shipments and our services.

What data are we collecting?

  • Phone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • Some information about the computer or portable devices that being used and the IP address.
  • Knowing the user account of the visitor in case of it was linked to other social media accounts (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram) which have been used to access our website upon login in.

We Alfares Lojistik team, ensure the security of the customer information and that it would not be disclosed or allowed to be accessed within security features which specifically designed for that, so accessing this information is limited to the members of Alfares Lojistik team who are working to provide you with better commercial and logistical services.