Shipping from Turkey to America

Shipping from Turkey to America:

The United States of America is one of the important destinations of Al Fares Logistics in shipping various kinds of goods, products and personal shipments from Istanbul to most of ports and airports in America.

Al-Fares Logistics has been able to achieve integrated shipping services from Istanbul to America and Canada, at reasonable prices and with a standard delivery time. It has also found various freight solutions for different types of shipments, whether commercial goods and furniture or personal shipments from Istanbul and to most of American cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Michigan, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Seattle, Boston, Washington , Cleveland ... and other American cities.

And due to the goods provided by Turkey with competitive prices and high quality, many importers are determined to import food products, Turkish furniture and textiles from Turkey.

How is shipping with Al Faris Logistics from Turkey to USA?

Al Fares Logistics has worked to find integrated freight solutions from Istanbul to America and in line with the type and nature of these shipments, and has also followed the best techniques in packing and packaging to preserve shipments from shipping risks, and in order to ensure the best services from Al Fares Logistics also provide the papers and documents necessary for the conduct of the shipping process without any hindrances, with the possibility of carrying out all customs clearance procedures.

Sea shipping from Turkey to USA:

Al Fares Logistic ships commercial shipments of large size or weight, through dedicated containers through Turkish ports to most ports in the United States of America, providing you with the competitive price and the most appropriate schedule for access while providing packaging services for the goods to ensure It arrives safely. Al Fares Logistics has provided various sizes of marine containers in proportion to the size and weight of your shipment (20-foot containers or 40-foot containers) with their arrangement inside the containers regularly and accurately.

Al-Fares Logistics' dealings with the best international shipping companies have made the shipping process from Istanbul to America easy and efficient. Al-Fares Logistics also provides documents customs clearance need of these goods and shipments.

Air freight from Istanbul to USA:

Al Fares Logistics has provided distinguished services in the field of air freight from Istanbul to America, providing door-to-door shipping service, or from door to airport, within a specific delivery and delivery schedule and at competitive rates, as our services reach all American cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Michigan, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Seattle, Boston, Washington, Cleveland and many other cities.

AlFares Logistics has proven its ability to manage air freight from Istanbul to America and Canada with high efficiency for different weights and sizes.

Shipping advantages from Turkey to America with Al Fares Logistics:

  • Integrated shipping services for different sizes and weights from Istanbul to all ports and airports in America.
  • Distinguished services in air freight, door-to-door delivery or door to airport service, where one of the representatives of Al-Fares Logistic receives the shipments from your residence in Istanbul to the place of residence or the customer’s headquarters.
  • Provide all documents necessary for the shipping and importing process.
  • Customs clearance services in Turkey
  • Adopting packing and packaging technologies to ensure safe arrival from Turkey to America and Canada.
  •  Providing insurance service for shipments according to the client’s desire.
  • Al-Fares Logistics team follows up with you from the moment of receiving the shipments until it reaches its destination.