It is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms in Turkey, and one of the leading and pioneering sites in entering the e-commerce market in Turkey is the Trendyol website specialized in e-commerce and online shopping services, which offers a distinguished package of various products to its customers and is intended for millions of visitors per month from inside and outside Turkey.

We will review with you the most important information about Trendyol Turkey and the most important products that the site offers to its customers.

What is Trendyol?

It is one of the most important Turkish websites leading in e-commerce and online shopping. It was established in 2010 and soon the site developed and became one of the most important e-marketing platforms in Turkey and in its regional surroundings, and the Turkish language is the only approved language for a site.

The site offers a distinguished group of different products on the site’s pages. It also owns a special brand in this field of fashion, in addition to containing many original international brands and brands, whether in the field of fashion or other different fields.

The site provides a shipping service that covers all parts of Turkey, while shipping companies in Turkey deliver customer orders from Turkey to Arab and European countries. The site also provides free shipping service in some cases to customers inside Turkey.

The site is characterized by its competitive and distinctive prices compared to its competitors, whether inside or outside Turkey, despite its display of original products and brands for various products, it offers them at very distinctive prices that you may not find similar to it, as it provides many offers and discounts periodically in order to bring more customers and gain their confidence And to provide a distinctive shopping service through it, which greatly contributed to the speed of its spread, whether inside or outside Turkey.

Main products in Trendyol

Trendyol platform offers many products in various fields and sections, as it offers various products such as:
  • Fashion: The site offers a distinctive bouquet of Turkish fashion, which always attracts customers, whether Turkish or Arab, because of its special character that combines eastern and European taste, especially in women's clothing. The site also includes sections for men's fashion as well as children's clothes.
  • Cosmetics: In the context of targeting female customers, the site offers a distinct range of cosmetic and skincare products, all of which are products belonging to distinctive and famous brands, but Trendyol offers them special offers and discounts.
  • Decorations: The site provides a special section for décor, home care products, and tools, as well as special sections for home furniture and decorations.
  • Shoes: The site offers a distinctive bouquet of men's and women's shoes, as well as for children. As is customary, these shoes are of the finest Turkish products and their models vary on the site.
  • Electrical and electronic devices: The site provides multiple sections to display electrical and electronic products, as well as their accessories, and the site is keen to display the latest products in this field periodically and quickly.
  • Pet supplies: Trendyol website contains a special section for pet care supplies and tools, raising them between their food, their own hygiene and bathing tools, as well as the tools and clothes that these animals use inside the home.
The products offered on the Trendyol website do not stop at this point, but there are many other distinct sections in various fields such as food departments, supermarket products, antiques, carpets, and many other products.

The site is characterized by the ease of ordering through it, as well as, as we mentioned, its competitive prices that ensure a distinctive shopping experience for all customers.

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