Partial Shipping

Partial Shipping

Partial shipping

Alfares lojistik provides the service of partial shipping through sea freight to several countries of the world and for various products and Turkish exports.

Partial shipping charges is varying from one country to another according to ports fees at this country and also the accredited shipping agents fees.

Partial shipping is an effective way of shipping small and medium sized shipments which occupy a part of the container and can be used for shipping cost-saving which give you the full flexibility of shipping from turkey as you wish.

Partial shipping approved measuring unit for most of the time is cubic meter and it’s the result of multiplying shipment length x width x height, and at some cases and some materials it’s measured according to weight.

And as Istanbul is considered to be an industrial, commercial center in Europe and Asia Alfares lojistik has provided solutions for combined cargo sea or land freight which provide flexibility in cargo transporting while maintaining a limited cost range that matches your logistics and competitive desires.

The features presented by Alfares Logistic through partial shipping

  • Providing 20 ft. and 40 ft. shipping containers and scheduled travels which provide flexibility in partial shipping with the least possible time and cost.
  • Assembling, shipping and Custom clearance for shipments starting from receiving it in Turkey until the delivery at your destination.
  • Executing the processes of receiving, inspecting and storing cargo and goods in our warehouses and completing the packaging process to meet your logistics desires.
  • Providing partial sea or land freight services from many countries in Asia, China, Europe and the Arabic Gulf countries to Turkey.
  • The possibility of finishing all the procedures of importing and exporting materials and goods from and to Turkey.
  • Providing all the possible logistics solutions and facilitate importing from Istanbul and Turkey to the Arab and Europe countries, Canada and Africa to ensure quick supply between Turkey and those countries.

The most important countries which provided with partial shipping services by Alfares lojistic

Our specialized team at Alfares Lojistik will manage the delivery of your shipments to your location wherever your destination is in The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Europe countries, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, England, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and many African countries in addition to providing partial shipping services from China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and European Union countries to Turkey.