Shipping Of Personal Parcels From Turkey

Shipping Of Personal Parcels From Turkey

Shipping of personal parcels from Turkey

Personal parcels mean everything that being shipped without any commercial purposes, it’s the shipments that contain stuff designated for personal use, this shipment is being evaluated by the customs as personal shipment and being treated specially in terms of customs duties in the country of destination.

For example, many tourists and visitors who come to Istanbul and Turkey are buying personal stuff, purchases and gifts like clothes and shoes or purchases for their home like antiques, textiles, household items, home accessories and others, due to the easiness of shipping from Istanbul to all countries of the world, many are applying for personal parcels shipping via express air freight to avoid paying a lot of money for extra weight at the arrival airport at their country.

express air freight service via Alfares Lojistik is one of the convenient suitable options for Shipping personal parcels in terms of cost and delivery time to the country of the destination, it’s a door to door service which spares the sender the procedures and the troubles of transporting and shipping of his stuff and purchases, and saves a lot of time for the buyers who want a quick delivery of their shipments.

Alfares Lojistik team is working all the week to track the delivery of your shipments and initiate shipping procedures to the delivery at your destination, you can track your shipment sent via Alfares Lojistik directly from our website by clicking track shipment.

Shipping of personal parcel from service via Alfares Lojistik:

Alfares Lojistik provides the service of receiving shipments from any location at Istanbul by calling customer service or through our website so that one of our representatives will go to your location to receive the shipment and to measure the shipment’s weight and its dimensional Weight and initiating the procedure of receiving and shipping.

Some advantages of our service of shipping personal parcel from Istanbul

  • Door to door shipping service to most countries of the world.
  • Tracking the shipments until the arrival to the wanted destination.
  • Providing all kinds of packaging materials through our representatives.
  • Packaging services for your purchases.
  • Buy and ship online service of postal parcels.
  • Storing and combining shipments.
  • Competitive cost and different types of shipping from turkey.
  • Speeding up the pace of receiving and delivering shipments in a special schedule without delay.
  • Hazard insurance for shipment if wanted.