Modanisa Turkey Website

Modanisa Turkey Website

It is one of the first international online shopping sites in Turkey and one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in Turkey and its regional surroundings because it offers a distinguished service that its competitors rarely provide with the same quality and efficiency it provides. Modanisa is a website specialized in women's fashion and veiled clothes.

What is Modanisa?

It is a Turkish website specialized in veiled fashion and modest clothing that suits Arab women in general and Muslim women. The site has been providing its services since 2011, and the site supports five languages ​​for easy communication and browsing for customers. The languages ​​that the site supports are Arabic, Turkish, English, French, and German.

The site prides itself on being open to the cultures of its customers, its good knowledge of their needs, and its constant endeavor to provide them in an optimal manner, which made it an ideal choice for the category of customers it targets. Where the site offers a distinctive bouquet of Turkish fashion and fashion products that combine modesty as well as the latest eastern and western fashion, which reflects Turkish and Islamic culture.

Modanisa site visitors is about 20 million monthly visitors from all over the world. Modanisa services cover more than 140 countries, according to the official statistics on the site. The site offers within its pages more than 650 diverse brands, with a total number of products exceeding the barrier of seventy thousand products.

The site has won many international and regional awards due to its great development since its inception, as it won the Islamic Economy Prize and the International Business Excellence Award. The site helps small producers and designers to showcase their products and achieve wide exposure for them.

Sections and features of the Modanisa platform

Modanisa site is divided into ten main sections, each of which contains many subsections, and the most prominent of those sections are:
  • Hijab section: Within this section, a variety of scarves, shawls, sheels, bonnets, and accessories related to this section are presented. There is also a possibility to display the works of the most prominent designers in this section.
  • Outerwear section: This section displays a variety of different coats, abayas, coats, and mannequins.
  • The clothing section: Which is one of the largest and most important sections within the site, and displays many internal sections such as dresses, top clothes, children and infants’ clothes, home clothes.
  • Large sizes section: During this section displays a variety of clothes, whether dresses, tops, sportswear, and other different types, but in large sizes that suit everyone.
  • The swimwear and sportswear section: This section displays a variety of clothes, sports bags, beachwear for veiled women, and beach bags.
  • Shoes and bags section: This section displays a bouquet of different shoe models, as well as bags, women's cosmetics, various accessories, skincare products, and perfumes.
  • Evening dresses section. During this section: A varied, and distinctive assortment of evening dresses, ensembles, suits, and evening skirts is presented. It is also possible during this section to display the products of each designer separately.
  • Designers section: During this section the products are presented by the designers, as when any designer is chosen, all of his products are displayed, and he designed them.
  • New products section: During this section, the latest things that have been added to the Modanisa store are displayed in various other sections, whether it is clothes, bags, shoes, and other sections and products.
  • Discounts section: During this section, the latest and largest discounts offered by the site are displayed on the products offered, as Modanisa is characterized by continuously offering large discounts to attract customers and provide a distinctive buying experience.
  • As for the payment methods available to buy from the Modanisa website, they are credit cards and PayPal cards. It also provides a payment service upon receipt, if the total bill of the order is less than $ 400 and the site does not accept dealing through bank transfers.
The site provides a shipping service that covers all parts of Turkey, while shipping companies in Turkey deliver customer orders from Turkey to Arab and European countries.

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