Shipments Consolidation in Turkey

Shipments Consolidation in Turkey
Shipments Consolidation in Turkey

What is Consolidation Services

Merchandise cargo consolidation consists of integrating two or more shipments with the purpose of reducing transportation costs. It is a process that is part of the supply chain and focuses on streamlining and optimizing the distribution of goods.

Shipments Consolidation in Turkey

Al Fares Logistics has worked to provide the best logistic services, to achieve the goals of its customers and be their center of trust, as it has continuously worked to provide the best freight solutions and develop them in line with its strategy of change in line with the needs of the market and diverse customers.

And due to the great openness witnessed by e-shopping sites in Turkey, the quality of Turkish products, and the short period of shipping from Turkey.

Customers and shoppers outside Turkey increased in shopping from these sites, especially in the Gulf countries, the Middle East, North Africa and European countries, Al-Fares Logistics has provided the service of collecting shipments from these various locations within its warehouses, where your purchases are grouped into one or more boxes to be sent at once instead of sending them individually, as it is known when the weight increases and the volume decreases the shipping cost decreases also.

Al-Fares Logistics Company to fulfill the desire of its customers to combine shipments and packaging and reduce shipping costs as much as possible.

Al-Fares Logistic services collect shipments in Turkey and save them in its warehouse until the customer requests that these shipments be sent to the desired destination, and to enjoy this service and benefit from this feature, you only have to open a free account with us, so that the Al-Fares Logistics team is committed to completing the rest of the task and Consolidation of shipments and then sent to various countries of the world.

Combining shipments in Turkey with Al-Fares Logistics:

The desire of many shoppers through the Turkish sites and stores in the Arab and European countries, pushed Al-Fares Logistics to provide additional services to its customers in a way that supports their desire to make the buying process from Turkey easy, especially since most Turkish e-shopping sites do not support shipping To these countries.

When buying from online shopping websites or Turkish stores, there must be an address in Turkey to be able to shop through. Al Fares Logistics has provided you with a free address in Istanbul where you can ship to and collect your shipments in it for up to 60 days to be shipped based on your request to the required destination, all within a competitive shipping price and without any additional monthly expenses.

Al-Fares Logistics provides you with an air freight service from Istanbul to all countries of the world. Al-Fares also provided you with a secure payment service either through electronic payment methods on the site or through a bank transfer or a money order.

The most important advantages of collecting shipments in Turkey at Al Fares Logistics:

  • Opening your free account to collect shipments with Al-Fares Logistics.
  • Al-Fares Logistics has provided you with a free address in Istanbul to collect shipments and ship through it.
  • You can store shipments at Al Fares Logistics warehouses for up to 60 days for free without paying any additional fees.
  • Facilitate purchases and help choose the best Turkish online shopping websites and stores that offer the best products at the most reasonable rates.
  • Speed in completing shipping operations from Turkey to various Arab and European countries.
  • Repacking and packing if needed by the Al-Fares Logistics team to ensure safe shipping.
  • The ability to track shipments until they reach the desired destination.
  • The ability to check shipments and see their photos before shipping.
  • Follow up from Al-Fares logistics with suppliers and shopping sites directly when any error occurred in the customer’s order to correct them.
  • An expert and cooperative customer service team that speaks Turkish, English, and Arabic.
  • Special offers and facilities for individuals and companies involved in online sales, electronic shopping sites, and e-stores.
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