Shipping production lines from Turkey

Shipping production lines from Turkey
Shipping production lines from Turkey

Shipping production lines from Turkey

Turkish economy has experienced a huge pounce at all levels. industrial sector, Turkish exports growth and the Turkish industries and products development were the most important factor that participated in the growth of the Turkish economy to achieve rerecord numbers in a short amount of time. Turkish products and industries of all kinds had characterized by high quality, competitive prices comparing to Europe and middle east countries, and became a role model for a lot of countries that aiming to increase its economic growth and developing its production and industries with the same quality and the competitive price.

Shipping production lines from Turkey has become the desire of many investors and importers, with its different types and capacities, as Alfares lojistik has facilitate the exporting and shipping of production lines from Turkey in proportion to importers needs in Arab world, Europe and Africa.

The most important production lines in turkey

  • Natural stone and marble production line from Turkey.
  • Turkish dairy and cheese production lines.
  • Sponge production line from Turkey.
  • Natural and preserved juices, jams production lines.
  • Packing and packaging production lines.
  • Water production and bottling lines.
  • Chocolate production lines.
  • Bread and bakery production lines.
  • Mining equipment production lines.
  • Textile industries production lines.
  • Paper manufacturing production lines.

Advantages of shipping production lines from Turkey via Alfares Lojistik:

Choosing Alfares Lojistik company for production lines shipping from Istanbul considered an investment of time and effort and a guarantee for the safety of your shipment and the safe delivery of it, and this is due to the experience that Alfares Lojistik has in production lines shipping from turkey, Alfares also provide communication service with the industrial machinery and production lines manufacturing companies and facilitate the processes of contacting them.

Some advantages of shipping production lines from turkey service

  • The experienced team at Alfares Lojistik which receive the shipments in a professional manner and then follow up with the client until the delivery of the shipment to its destination.
  • Speeding up the pace of receiving and delivering shipments in a special schedule without delay
  • Tracking the shipments until the arrival at the country of destination
  • Providing custom clearance services at many Arabic and European countries.
  • Providing machines and equipment packaging service professionally to guarantee safe delivery to its destination.
  • Providing hazard insurance for shipment upon the client request.
  • The possibility of providing the required documents needed for shipping and exporting machines and equipment to initiate the production line from Turkey and the needed custom clearance papers at the country of destination.


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